A Magazine of Possibilities

What would we do if we don't have the power to dream? imagine? To create? To make a change? Where we would be?


In our communities we must know someone who believes that the Arab world is so messed up that it is beyond fixing, perhaps we might have thought of that ourselves. Sometimes it feels hopeless, but other times you find people who share the same hopes and dreams and they can see potentials in our ruins.

The day we found someone as such it was when we held "The Outpost" magazine in our hands... That is when we knew Ebrahim Nehme from Beirut, someone who believes that stories have the power to shape our world.


The outpost was born, as Ebrahim describes, to encounter the impossibilities of the Arab world... Using story-telling as a powerful tool to raise awareness of who we area and where we belong. Each issue we have read contained incredible thought-provoking ideas, like a train map that connects the Arab world from East to West in an effort to "Tear Down The Walls" between us... Other stories included; fictional radio station that interviewed individual (real) forces, connection maps for "world makers" and neighborhoods where all the creative individuals (who are real people) live together as a way of imagining the possibility of living in a better place.


In its unique creative ways, the outpost showcases the power of the collective, inspires thoughts and actions... and brings between its folds dreams that seem doable... dreams that are not so far from becoming reality....


*Check out Ebrahim Nehme's TEDx talk through this link:




Baristas for the Day!

What would two coffee addicts do when they go to new places? Sign up for Barista course! 

This is a throw back to when we did the coffee tasting in 6/8 Kafe in Birmingham, UK. Following one day of fun cupping session, we had an intensive one-day barista training with Alex, one of the barista experts in the city. 

We started by adjusting the parameters for the tamp, doing espresso shots, then some funny attempts to make perfectly-foamed lattes. That was a lot of coffee! 

Learning the work behind a perfect cup of coffee made us appreciate baristas even more... We highly recommend coffee cupping or one-day barista course for any coffee-lover or for couple activity day... 


Take a look at our instagram account for more "shots"!


Warag Nakheel

We had the pleasure of visiting workshop studio for making palm tree papers "Warag Nakheel" in Manama. 

We were welcomed by two women who were very friendly, they walked us through the whole process of making the paper... Basically, they shred the palm tree leaves, filter the water and fine residues, then they lay them out in fabric screens to dry. 

The result are beautiful, neutral, and naturally-textured papers, with a team of young girls assisting in the workshop, they also provide different colored palm tree papers made with additional natural dyes. 


It was really nice to see local paper made in our beautiful island... As beige and Teal we are looking forward to experiment with these and perhaps create collaborative ideas. 


Let us know if you know any similar places that we can visit in Bahrain =) 

Until then,


We <3 Concept Stores!

Concept stores have become trendy lately and Beige and Teal duo are "junkies" when it comes to explore and meet the new kids in the block! 

Concept stores usually promotes emerging designers and artists, with a variety of products to sell, each with its unique philosophy. 

This approach, perhaps, opens the community to the broad possibilities design disciplines, every artist/ designer has the ability to explore and present various products that doesn't have to be limited to a specific medium or format. 

Something like what we try to achieve through Beige and Teal. creativity and design is everywhere... all around us, from the ring in our finger, and organic breakfast granola, to our everyday tote bag, and hipster jacket... 

Here are few items we collected from concept stores we liked from various cities we've been to...


share your thoughts and products with and through us on : mail@beigeandteal.com



Craftsmanship Never Dies

On a recent study trip to Fez, Morocco, we had the pleasure of visiting few workshops and studios of local artisans. In a city where the craftsmanship is alive, we had a "hands-on" experience to do zillig (the traditional geometrical tile-making) and brass embossing, along with eye-opening visits to famous locations in the old city. 

Everyone admires Morocco because of its old-city charm, but what we admire and respect the most is honoring craftsmanship that has been transferred through generations and generations. This constant respect to traditional skills does not mean backward thinking, but it could open windows of opportunities to remain truly loyal to cultural identity, yet utilizing these skills in new products. 



Hamza, a young artisan of brass embossing, born and bred in Fez, spoke to us about the artisan scene in the city: "My fear does not concern the artisans, or their skills, but the people who are making and providing the tools for the industry who became very few because most of them passed away. Without tools, artisans cannot function." 

So what about places where there are few artisans too!? We have deep concerns for the craftsmanship in the Arab Gulf, can it still be saved?