How did it all begin?


Our story started not long time ago, but we think it had its seeds from the day we were born on this land. We love our country, though no country is perfect, and our island has is no different. But we believe that we are a country with great potentials and hidden gems desperate to appear. 

Being immersed in the small emerging art scene of Bahrain, yet being so inspired by what’s happening in the rest of the world, we thought of what shapes our identity as individuals and as a creative couple. 

In search for who we are and where do we stand in the art world, we thought of creating an image that reflect our thoughts. We are not Bahrainis who run around wearing Bisht or Nashil in the neighborhood, yet whenever we listen to a story of the past our heart pounds. We wear international brands and amazed by what technology offers us everyday, yet we meditate on the raw objects and abstract surfaces that surrounds us as if we are trying to listen to their hums.

We are the children of yesterday, the parents of tomorrow, and the story in between... 


Our Inspiration

We are inspired by our everyday lives, of the mornings we steal from our busy days to sit by the beach and let our brains wander. We are inspired by the craftsman who wakes up every day at 5 am to open his small shop around the corner in Manama. What makes us tick is the glamor that left us wondering about rustic keys... carved door... or stained window... 

What triggers our creativity is the constant need of belonging through the clothes we wear, and the furniture pieces and ornamented frames that we fill our houses with. We believe that our attachments to objects comes merely from the stories they carry... and whether these stories can speak to us or to a memory or to a person that we know. 

Our inspiration could be your story...