During the opening week of Malja Bahrain, a red bull art space, we have conducted a workshop for conceptual art. To promote a creative space, and encourage artists to visit it more often and experiment we have thought of a different method for the creative process. We were inspired by “Synesthesia”; a neurological phenomenon that literally means "joined perception”, which happens when one sense is perceived exactly at the same time as another. People who experience synesthesia can see colors when they hear music, or can taste a flavor when they read books, for example. Not all people experience synesthesia, only lucky ones!

So we thought that this could be a great concept to create an exhibition around. And thus, we formed a group of artists who attended the workshop and through a series of brainstorming sessions we asked them to try “synesthesizing” through art.  

The idea was simple; choose an object that represent “identity” and transform it from one sense to another using conceptual art. The aim is to push boundaries of imagination and to allow brains to wander and experiment without expectations.The result was a series of experiments that took the visitors into a sensorial journey.  

For experiments can give us a glimpse of magic!


The Creative Process

The creative process in TASTE was a unique experience that we think its worth sharing: a huge part of our team were exhibiting an artwork for the first time. Most of them started not knowing how their work will take shape, but while brainstorming as a group ideas and concepts started flowing continuously and everyone was pitching ideas to the rest! Some of them were funny, others were ironic, and some were amazingly profound... The end results were a series of artworks that varies from installation to interactive art all the way to paintings and video installations... indulging one sense at a time. 


In interaction there is magic! 

You never know how people will react or interact up until the opening day... And our opening day was amazing! In addition to the hyped feel and the enthusiastic visitors, young and old, and the energy that filled the space, the interaction with the pieces was magical. For example, Batool Almosawi’s installation was proving its point as people moved into it and out of it. Artists left out clues in each others work to link all the work together in a subtle way. Although they are varied in stories and inspiration, it spoke out one unified message about who we are, how people view us and what matters the most to all of us. 



Participating Artists


Ashwag Abdulla | Batool Almosawi | Ebrahim Fuad (EDD) - Khalid Aljabri | Stay Gorgeous | Muneera Alawadhi |  Ramah Alhossini | Zahraa Alezzi