Coffee Tasting

In this post we would like to share with you our coffee tasting experience which we had at 68 Kafe , a coffee shop located in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

We started our course with our mentor, Alex, introducing 5 different samples of ground coffee which were asked to smell and distinguish the different coffee scents beans had with the help of a simplified Coffee Flavour Wheel.

The following link is an example of a Coffee Flavour Wheel:

Later, water was poured over over these coffee beans , and we were asked to scrap what the thin later of foam and smell the scent of coffee after its reactivity with water.

Throughout the process of analysing the smell Alex indicate that small and taste of coffee may differ from the actual taste and that the process of processing coffee beans play a major effect on that.

Next was the tasting stage, we were introduced to a technique named “ Slurping “ , basically sipping the coffee that the fluid swirl in your mouth so your tongue recognise all the details and breaks down its taste.

The course was such an experience, especially with a nice company which made it more interesting. People tasted coffee differently and some had strong distinction to certain flavours. We do advise coffee enthusiasts to give it a go and develop their passion and appreciation to coffee and its culture.

For now we leave you with these images and wish you a wonderful day.

Mo and Tam