A Magazine of Possibilities

What would we do if we don't have the power to dream? imagine? To create? To make a change? Where we would be?


In our communities we must know someone who believes that the Arab world is so messed up that it is beyond fixing, perhaps we might have thought of that ourselves. Sometimes it feels hopeless, but other times you find people who share the same hopes and dreams and they can see potentials in our ruins.

The day we found someone as such it was when we held "The Outpost" magazine in our hands... That is when we knew Ebrahim Nehme from Beirut, someone who believes that stories have the power to shape our world.


The outpost was born, as Ebrahim describes, to encounter the impossibilities of the Arab world... Using story-telling as a powerful tool to raise awareness of who we area and where we belong. Each issue we have read contained incredible thought-provoking ideas, like a train map that connects the Arab world from East to West in an effort to "Tear Down The Walls" between us... Other stories included; fictional radio station that interviewed individual (real) forces, connection maps for "world makers" and neighborhoods where all the creative individuals (who are real people) live together as a way of imagining the possibility of living in a better place.


In its unique creative ways, the outpost showcases the power of the collective, inspires thoughts and actions... and brings between its folds dreams that seem doable... dreams that are not so far from becoming reality....


*Check out Ebrahim Nehme's TEDx talk through this link: