Ozone Cafe

Ozone Cafe is one of our fav stops , not just because we like their coffee, but their interior is cozy, perfect for a social gathering as well as quite read...  and they offer a collection of unique snacks too.

What we also like is how the roasting place is celebrated in the interior where you see freshly roasted coffee is being prepared... and you can imagine the how the aroma can fill the space! 

Paradise of the "Coffee-holic"

We LOVE coffee! 

As a creative duo we have been introduced to the 'caffeine world' a while ago, and ever since, we have been keen on finding out more about the coffee culture and market whenever there is an opportunity. 

Lately, Tamadher attended London Coffee Festival which was held in one of the artsy neighborhood in Brick Lane, London.... 

Endless tasters of quality coffee,

New trends/ equipments for Cafe businesses,

and everything in between!

Here are few pictures of the 'hyped' experience we had... 

It is always great to know more about the stories and the insights behind the your everyday favorite drink!  



For more info about the festival please visit:



The "Sofar" Experience

We have always been enthusiastic about art in all forms and shapes and for a while been listening Sofar music on youtube. 

Unlike popular music events, Sofar gis are hosted in cozy spaces and for those who come for the atmosphere and creative vibe.

we took this picture from a session in London and wanted to share it with you with these following links:


Mirror Signal

Sofar Music:


spread the word , spread the love and appreciate art. 

one last thing, we would love to thank Sofar team for being welcoming and organised, this image which they sent post event shows how they care about the scene.