Urban Exploration

The City of Colours

Couple of months ago, Birmingham turned into a large canvas and all the creative rebels were invited to party! 

City of Colours is an award-wining multi-cultural festival takes place in Digbeth, one of the uprising hub for creative individuals in Birmingham, UK. Celebrating graffiti, street art and urban culture from all across UK, City of Colours offered one of the largest outdoor gallery for the community... It also included live performances, street dance and open art-market all around the venue...

What we love about this is, as Beige and Teal we share a common mission with City of Colours team... That is "to provide an accessible platform for artists of all levels and backgrounds to produce, exhibit and engage with the artistic community"... We love to see such similar projects happening in the Gulf and that is what we started with through 'Paste It' and 'TASTE' project...

We leave you with some images of the festival that are simply AWESOME!

For more insights about the festival, visit their official website: