Baristas for the Day!

What would two coffee addicts do when they go to new places? Sign up for Barista course! 

This is a throw back to when we did the coffee tasting in 6/8 Kafe in Birmingham, UK. Following one day of fun cupping session, we had an intensive one-day barista training with Alex, one of the barista experts in the city. 

We started by adjusting the parameters for the tamp, doing espresso shots, then some funny attempts to make perfectly-foamed lattes. That was a lot of coffee! 

Learning the work behind a perfect cup of coffee made us appreciate baristas even more... We highly recommend coffee cupping or one-day barista course for any coffee-lover or for couple activity day... 


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Smell the Beans Doha!

We had the pleasure of visiting Doha recently and one of - if not the only - specialty coffee shop in the city. 

Flat White was opened not so long ago in The Pearl district in Doha, offering the locals a breath of freshly brewed coffee and an original experience for all coffee lovers.


We had the pleasure of meeting Mariam, the person behind “Flat White” and soon we engaged in an elaborate conversation about coffee culture in the Gulf. Mariam made sure that there is no sugar available in the shop as an approach to raise awareness about quality coffee and breaking the habits of toffee nuts and caramel syrups drinks that are common in the country. 

By using this approach, Mariam explained, people started conversations with her and the staff about coffee and with one person at a time, “Flat White” is contributing to a positive shift in Gulf’s coffee culture. 


So if you are in Doha anytime soon make sure to pass by “Flat White” located in the Leasing Office in The Pearl and have a cup of their signature flat white or black coffee… 


For more information follow their instagram account