We <3 Concept Stores!

Concept stores have become trendy lately and Beige and Teal duo are "junkies" when it comes to explore and meet the new kids in the block! 

Concept stores usually promotes emerging designers and artists, with a variety of products to sell, each with its unique philosophy. 

This approach, perhaps, opens the community to the broad possibilities design disciplines, every artist/ designer has the ability to explore and present various products that doesn't have to be limited to a specific medium or format. 

Something like what we try to achieve through Beige and Teal. creativity and design is everywhere... all around us, from the ring in our finger, and organic breakfast granola, to our everyday tote bag, and hipster jacket... 

Here are few items we collected from concept stores we liked from various cities we've been to...


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Art for A Cause

We had the pleasure to collaborate with Ayadi Relief recently on one of their artistic projects. Ayadi Shop is a social business and voluntary initiative under the NGO AyadiRelief Organization, offering artists voluntary contribution towards their cause. 

"Ayadi Relief supports relief projects locally and regionally and follows a 100% model in which all generated funds goes directly to relief projects. The shop provides consumers with products under two main streams (Ayadina and Ayadihum) where the income generated goes towards the expenses carried by Ayadi Relief. Under the stream 'Ayadina', our first product are shoes (something similar to Tom's)." Ayadi Shop Team

In art markets and fairs, Ayadina found a great demand from the community on the artistic shoes, not to mention that buying them will support the cause. 

Below are images of our shoes designs donated to Ayadi Relief, to know more about this great initiative please check out their social handle @ayadishop





Our artist buddy and his talented wife opened a tiny pizzeria in Adlyia. Unlike so many other pizza shops our friends promote the Palestinian culture through mixing traditional recipes into a pizza format. 

Stop by whenever you want to try something new, we recommend Saturdays, its when he has his weekly special pizza done. 

Also check out their instagram on :



Crust and Crema

We were fortunate to have a coffee tasting session three days ago at Crust and Crema new branch. This Cafe/Restaurant is one- if not the only- specialty coffee in Bahrain and must say that a shop like that stands out among commercial / franchise coffee such as Starbucks or Costa.

Stores and individuals who share this enthusiasm are the foundation in establishing coffee culture around the world. We hope that through these images we can share some of our experience visually.

Support your local coffee shops and support good coffee.

Paste it Project

paste it invite eng-01.jpg

“Paste it” is a long term project founded by Leon as a way to reach community in different places around Bahrain. As the local art scene being mesmerized by graffiti and started to accept it as a form of art, there is still a lot of street art than spray-painted murals. “Paste it” was created to promote the medium of paper as a part of the urban art scene and to encourage artists, emerged or established to experiment with paper and wheat paste as a medium to exhibit their work. Though the general feel might be raw and subtle, the possibilities were endless.


Artists & Locations


The team was formed by creative individuals, each has his/ her own distinct style. Through few casual gatherings each artist suggested spots around Bahrain to paste around and shared with others the type of work they will be pasting. “paste it” family consists of photographers, illustrators, designers, architects, a filmmaker, a musician, and a poet. The work ended up having various contents from lyrics and poems to portraits and illustrations. Locations were scattered around the island and it hit walls, construction boards and even electricity boxes. The idea was spreading art like a virus and bringing it closers to people passing by everyday away from high-end galleries.  

By the end of the first year each artists have pasted at least one solo work and participated in a collage-like mural by different artists, all made by printed work on paper.

Silver Cord Team working on their mural in A'ali

Silver Cord Team working on their mural in A'ali


The "paste it" group working on their collective mural

The "paste it" group working on their collective mural

The Exhibition 

The project didn’t end up with pasted work. We were aiming to reach out to as much people as we can, so we put together an exhibition that documented the project and the adventurous stories behind the artists work. We wanted to take the visitors in a journey into the world of paper and its possibilities, how this light medium could take a spatial form and create a massive volume, how it is economic, affordable and user-friendly, and how it could exhibit various work of art such as pictures, digital painting, manual illustrations and even text. The exhibition also exhibited a series of documentary photography and screened short clips of the artists work process on various locations. 

For more insights about the project please follow the official Instagram account @pasteitproject

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To view the full documentary videos please visit: