Our musician friend, Lee.


A part of what we do is to shed the lights on the emerging artists and musicians and promote community collaborations through the things we love... Through our blog we will keep posting some new tunes that inspires us.

Today's post is about our friend, Lee Endres from Birmingham, UK. What we like about Lee's music is how soothing it is, stories that he talks about are not, shall we say "mainstream romantic"! It is that type of music that makes you wander off with your thoughts, and loose your self in the moment. 

Perhaps this feeling we got from his music is the mere result of how he worked on his album, Lee took time off, isolated himself in the Scottish countryside for three months and experienced what he describes as unique time for inspiration and self-reflection. 

Here's a taste of Lee's music: 


and you can also keep an eye (or maybe an ear!) at his soundcloud page: 

Istanbul: The Road Less Traveled

About a month ago we had the pleasure of exploring the lovely city of Istanbul, with its dual identity it was difficult to see and experience everything within a short time. 

Istanbul is one of the most culture-rich, diverse city we have been to. There is a lot of everything! traditional and modern, authentic and not so authentic, Eastern and Western... and the list goes on. 

For art and design enthusiasts like us, we have chosen to take the road less traveled, with minimum focus on the tourists attractions, we sought to find Istanbul's true flavor of today! And what we have found spoke of a love story that we were happy to witness... 

It would be our pleasure to have you in a virtual tour of our explorations and we will also love you visit our instagram on : for more content.