We <3 Concept Stores!

Concept stores have become trendy lately and Beige and Teal duo are "junkies" when it comes to explore and meet the new kids in the block! 

Concept stores usually promotes emerging designers and artists, with a variety of products to sell, each with its unique philosophy. 

This approach, perhaps, opens the community to the broad possibilities design disciplines, every artist/ designer has the ability to explore and present various products that doesn't have to be limited to a specific medium or format. 

Something like what we try to achieve through Beige and Teal. creativity and design is everywhere... all around us, from the ring in our finger, and organic breakfast granola, to our everyday tote bag, and hipster jacket... 

Here are few items we collected from concept stores we liked from various cities we've been to...


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Istanbul: The Road Less Traveled

About a month ago we had the pleasure of exploring the lovely city of Istanbul, with its dual identity it was difficult to see and experience everything within a short time. 

Istanbul is one of the most culture-rich, diverse city we have been to. There is a lot of everything! traditional and modern, authentic and not so authentic, Eastern and Western... and the list goes on. 

For art and design enthusiasts like us, we have chosen to take the road less traveled, with minimum focus on the tourists attractions, we sought to find Istanbul's true flavor of today! And what we have found spoke of a love story that we were happy to witness... 

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